Saturday, May 26, 2007

And Now Back to Navy

I really apologize for the lack of content in regards to Navy football as of late. I know its been some time since I posted something of particular relevance, but there really hasn't been much to post recently. I will be making the yearly expedition down to the Magazine store on US 40 sometime this week to scout out some of the preseason publications, although the recently much-maligned Phil Steele guide probably won't be in stores until the first full week of June (It's been my experience that they come out a few days early.) Whatever the case may be, I'll buy whatever looks good, and have a full report of all the major publications. Until then we're all just going to have to sit tight, but keep in mind we're now under 100 days until the season opener at Temple.

On another note, congratulations and Godspeed to the United States Naval Academy Class of 2007. Not only has the class of 2007 returned the Naval Academy's football program to the forefront of Service Academy football, but the entire class of 2007 has distinguished itself and made citizens like myself incredibly grateful for their commitment to serving our great country.

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Gary said...

We are fans of a very special program that consists of the Top of the Creme players and college-Academy.
Sure there is the Owens things that happen everywhere from time to time- but it is an honor to root for this team that had grabbed my heart starting in 1966.
We all wish everyone at the Academy Gods Speed and health and luck.
I even envy those who have graduated and attend the games and are fans on other sites-they must have some special bond as it takes the best to join their ranks.
We are true fans of something more than just a college team and that makes us special as well.