Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Air Force's New Look

I'm very interested to see how Air Force's new offense looks next year. As many of you know new head coach Troy Calhoun plans to install a new, non-triple option offense at Air Force, which of course ran the triple option for 23 years under Fisher DeBerry. While the specifics of the offense aren't exactly floating around on the web, it looks like the Falcons will utilize the shotgun formation and run a Jim Grobe-type offense that places more emphasis on the pass then in past seasons. There are also reports that Air Force will utilize the I-formation, which you can basically run anything out of.

As a fan of the game I'm very excited to see how what exactly this offense looks like and how well it does. Shaun Carney, while an average option quarterback his first three seasons in college football, is still regarded as one of the better quarterbacks to pass through Colorado Springs. I'll be the first to admit he throws a nice ball and can play with good accuracy, but one has to wonder is Carney isn't just destined to be one of those disproportionally hyped quarterbacks that never has much of success on the field. Word on the street is this new offense will highlight Carney's passing ability while still utilizing his athleticism, also taking advantage of some good skill position players like running back Chad Hall. I don't know how the whole experiment will work, and to be honest I'm really not that well informed on the change anyway. But I think its going to be an dynamic to watch this spring, and should be a point of discussion as we get closer to next year's game at NMCM. Air Force will also be switching to the 3-4 defense, which is, by conventional standards, more susceptible to the working of the triple option. Considering the Falcons don't have a monster-of-a-man, two-gap-playing defensive linemen (at least one I've heard of) this could bode well for Navy. Will it be enough to give Navy a edge next season? Maybe, maybe not, but its something to mull over as we get closer to both Navy and Air Force's spring games.

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Gary said...

Sean Carney is arrogant and cocky and his big mouth only inspires additional reason for the Mids to continue their streak against the Falcons.
That plus we have them at NMC.
While it is another service academy rival- we should expect to win against them and Army.