Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter and Other Stuff

First off, Happy Easter. As you know by now, the Navy Midshipmen conducted their first spring scrimmage this morning. Unfortunately I am in Denver at the moment, so i was unable to get the inside scoop on what went down during a surprisingly cold morning. I will be away until Thursday, so no weekly report until then. Here are some links of interest that popped up in the 15 minutes or so i was online today...

Mids are Focused up Front (Annapolis Capital)
Scrimmage Report ( Report

I'll be back later this week to give some commentary, which i realize this site has been sorely lacking in recent weeks. Please remember the Reason for the season and have a blessed Easter.



Gary said...

Happy Easter to you and THANKS for this site.
Please dont get down if there is any lack of activity-that should pick up as the months go on.
Its the bset site for Navy football-especially as opposed to the GoMids.Com site that is over laden with too many people that get upset if you post differing views and the exchanges get downright insulting.
Especially if you have the nerve to suggest that Jarrod Bryant would make a better starting QB than Kaipo.
While opposing views are what can make things interesting-its child like when others cant just disagree with your views and not be mature enough to not "let fly" with insults to ones intelligence".
After all we are all Navy fans and it should make others feel good that there are fans out there that care about Navy football overall and not just to live to BEAT ARMY.
I want this team to at least be Top 25 every year and to get a good recognition Bowl game (not the Poinsettia).
While some "naysayers" scream that its an unrealistic goal-its because of the bar that Coach J. and the team has set that even allows us to desire to see Navy be a Top team in NCAA media eyes.
This year ESPN has started to notice and thats a great thing.

A concern though is how the Mids will react at week day games within their structured rigors of Academy life?
Hopefully the Administration will work with the team to ensure they are fresh to compete in those games since they obviously agreed to let them be played.
There should always be some "special considerations" for the Navy football team especially when it brings in $17 million to the Academys coffers and supports every other Academy sport!
Go Navy!
God Bless All The Midshipmen At Annapolis and its graduates.

BigBob said...

Maybe you shouldn't be so sensitive.

Adam said...

First off thank you for your kind words. I apologize if my departure from the AOL Fan House was a bit abrupt, but the blog as a whole decided to move in a different direction. is a great site and the forum there is really hands down the best place to talk Navy football. That being said I understand the message board format isn't for everyone, and am glad you enjoy my analysis. I just want to make it clear that when I "lobbied" for JB to start, it was right after BH's injury, and it was a time of great uncertainty for last year's team. Overall I think we as fans have to be very excited about Kaipo-Noa, and regardless of the perceptions of his arm strength or accuracy, obviously the team should go with the player that gives us the best chance to win. If that's JB that's great, but if it's Kaipo that's great too. It has been said before but I'll say it again, it's a good problem to have.

As for the support the team gets from the USNA, I cannot comment on this because I did not attend USNA, but would hope the proper balance between keeping the team competitive and training young men to be Naval officers (which is of course the first goial) can be found.

Once again thank you for your kind words, and please stay tuned for more coverage once I get back from vacation.

Gary said...

Bob / Adam:
That may be true but sensitivity is a 2 way street and in my case it only becomes that when provoked or trying to be "e-bullied" by others that are more interested in lobbing insults and trying to enlist their pals to also attack.
When opinions are differnet-you can disagree logically and calmly discuss or you can attack with insults claiming the other has no idea what they are talking about.
As always- state your point-counterpoint and lets see what happens-when you are wrong-admit and accept.
When you are right just shut up and not brag- these things are alot of guess and luck on rights and wrongs.
If Bryant does great and unseats Kaipo-I am right.
If it doesnt happen- I was wrong in my original opinion.
Right now Kaipo has the edge in my opinion too.
Lets see what the B&G game brings and let the off season be a time for thoughts of September.

Adam said...

Gary, do you have an email address? I'd like to send you an email.

bigbob said...

I don't know who is enlisting pals or lobbing anything, but if you don't want your opinions to be scrutinized by the masses then you'd be best served doing what I do and just lurk in the shadows.