Thursday, February 08, 2007

And Now, Let's Talk Recruiting...(Part 1)

Not sure where to start, so I thought we'd just jump right into this. Information is still coming in on different guys, so hold tight If I'm not completely up to speed on everybody. Overall, this looks like a good class, although its come to my attention we say that every year...

  • Bill Wagner of the Annapolis Capital has a great article to sum things up, although "his" list of recruits is not as long as the unofficial list being put together at Wagner comments that the Academy has inked the commitments of 60 players (as of now), 25 of whom will enter the Academy directly and have a chance to see playing time next season, while 35 will first go through the Preparatory School.

  • Remember, and don't even go out of their way to pretend to care about the recruiting of SA's, so don't buy into their "rankings." Case in point, Scout only accounts for 10 of our recruits, dropping us to 118th on their list. Interestingly enough a lot of players with Scout profiles ended up committing to Navy, but the network is just so screwed up the commitments have not registered. I'm not big on "ranking" recruiting, but I think with all things considered, this class probably ranks in the 80-100 range nationally, especially when you factor in the amount of players being brought in and Navy's ability to recruit on a national level.

  • How did we do against the other two service academies? According to Coach Johnson, we did very well. "We lost very few kids that visited more than one academy," Johnson told Wagner. "I think we should have the upper hand on the other academies. We've won more overall games the last few years, we've beaten Army and Air Force consistently and we've had more stability in terms of the coaching staff."

  • Initial impressions? Army had a poor year while Air Force did surprisingly well. It seems Navy still got most of the kids in head-to-head matchups, but Air Force put together a good group considering all the turmoil in the program.

  • Marco Nelson's little brother, Kyrion, is coming. So is Zach Dryden, brother of former wide receiver Corey Dryden.

  • As usual, Navy picked up a lot of duel position players and a good number of quarterbacks. While I can't say I've ever seen any of these guys play outside of highlight films, word on the street is QB's Brian Blick and Robby Davis could be the next big things in Annapolis. Davis was (to my limited knowledge anyway) the first player to commit to Navy, and is generally being touted as the premier recruit for this class.

  • Jason Wright is a big pickup for the defense. How do I know? Two words: Northern Indiana. (Think Rob Caldwell and Josh Smith)

  • Jordan Delk, a solid wide receiver a out Georgia, switched from Navy to Georgia Southern at the last moment. Navy went head-to-head with a rebounding Georgia Southern program as well as Furman for a number of recruits in the Peach State.

  • MTV fans rejoice. Hoover's very own Kwesi Mitchell is heading to Annapolis.

  • Buddy Green is the man. Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia continue to be pipeline states.

  • Remember, the "Unofficial Master List" is up at the message board. FYI, I'm under the handle "MrAthletic."

Links to various Stories about Various Players:

Mike Farr

DL Brady DeMell

QB Ryan Brown

LB/RB Tyler Simmons

WR Ken Munson

QB Brian Blick

OL Trey Clark

CB David Wright

CB Chris Rivers

LB James Simien

P/K Joe Buckley

VIDEO of GA/FL Recruits

More to come. Congratulations to all of these young men!


Jim said...

do you know about a kid from Allen Park, Michigan committing to Navy?
i believe his name is Kaleb Delphine.

Adam said...

Never heard of him, and I couldn't find anything on google...Do you have any links or more info?