Thursday, March 30, 2006

Paul Johnson Comment: Predictable is Just Fine

Navy Head Coach Paul Johnson had some usually predictable things to say again yesterday. That's alright though, predictable is great when you really think about it. Predictable, my friends, is what keeps millions of Americans tuned into TV every night. Predictable is the steady stream of Sienfeld syndication over the past 8 years. Predictable is why we tune into this botched piece of National Security representation every week. Not because we like, not because it's realistic, and not because we think we have any chance of being In Delta Force someday (cue the EDSBS SEAL complex), but because in the end, we know were going to see the Allstate Man (aka Wayne Palmer President of the United States) shoot some bad guys. And when the rest of TV is clogged with lawyers, doctors, "real people", fake boobage (not complaining), and shows that make you spend your whole weak theorizing about like some wiereded out trekkie (thank you very much), seeing the bad guys getting taken down every week is a nice reminder this country rocks.

President Palmer (aka Allstate guy) unpredictable? Fine be me

Oh yea, what PJ actually said. Team worked hard, needs to prove itself, Captains will be voted on in coming weeks. Read the full thing.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring Football: "Oh God thank you"

While I was busy coughing my lungs out from some undetermined virus, the Navy football team got busy on Monday with its first day of Spring Practice. Lots of happenings to report.

  • The 2006 Spring Prospectus has been released in PDF. Good show, check it out, learn some names for next year.
  • The preliminary Spring Depth Chart has been released. New starters on offense include: Josh Meek (RT), Tyree Barnes (WR), Trey Hines (SB), Brian Hampton (QB), Andrew Tattersall (LE), Joe Cylc (ILB).
  • Ketric Buffin moves to Rover and Keenan Little to Right corner. GThrash will remain at nickel, where we project he still won't be able to tackle anybody. Sike, we kid because we care
  • Trey Hines is back at Slot back, and is apparently still the fastest guy on the team.
  • Head Hancho (is that how you spell it?) Paul Johnson has just conducted his first press interview about spring practices. Surprisingly ESPN thought it more suitable to cover the Women's NIT, which according to the Nielson ratings, approximately .0000000002 % of the population tuned in for. The talk of course, was completely on the QB. I'm sensing a pattern with this in our offseason.

In addition, it's worthy to mention that '03 grad and USMC 1st Lt. Brian M. Stann was awarded the Silver Star on March 10th for his actions during Operation Matador in Iraq last year. Lt. Stann is a former Linebacker for the Navy Football team. Outsanding.

that's all for now, more fun stuff later.

Right Spirit Baby

Friday, March 24, 2006

"Hey Look, The Sun Wrote about us..."

The Baltimore Sun, Maryland's premiere left-wing and of course "mainstream" newspaper, recently did an artcile on Navy's expectations this spring. Half of the article is of course devouted to Lamar Owens. Way to look forward, Baltimore. Read Here

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

2006 Recruit List Website

So, being seriously taken aback by boredom about a week ago, I discovered this lovely piece of web craftsmanship while lurking in on the situation over at This is obviously the best website/list of the Navy 2006 Recruits. While not covering every recruit, it certainly hits the most talked about and most hyped. This is a must see to prepare yourself for the 2006 Season.

Rob Caldwell: "So Hot Right Now"

Returning Linebacker Rob Caldwell (St John, IND) has been raking up some serious accolades this offseason. As the second leading returning tackler in the country (11.67), Caldwell has been nominated for the Lott trophy. Named after NFL great Ronnie Lott, the trophy is awarded to the Defensive player who exhibits the greatest deal of Integrity, Maturity, Performance, Academics, Community and Tenacity, or IMPACT (sorry, just had to do it).

In addition, Rob has been named a finalist (ok watch list, but "finalist" has a nice ring) for the Lombardi Award. The award is presented at the end of the 2006 season to the nation's top defensive player. While Rob probably has no realistic shot going up against the 6-8, 250 lb "linebackers" of the SEC or ACC, at least he didn't score a 700 on his SAT.

Nice Job Rob.

Sunday, March 05, 2006