Tuesday, October 03, 2006

BlogPoll Week 5

Don't worry, it's that time of the week again.

1Ohio State--
2Auburn 1
3Southern Cal 1
5Michigan 3
6Boise State 8
7Louisville 1
8West Virginia 4
9Notre Dame 1
10Texas 5
11Georgia 2
12Georgia Tech 14
13Oklahoma 2
14Oregon 2
15Louisiana State 6
16Iowa 1
17Rutgers 4
18Nebraska 7
19Purdue 4
20Boston College 6
21Brigham Young 5
22Wake Forest 3
23Missouri 3
24Arkansas 2
25Navy 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#7), Virginia Tech (#18), Clemson (#19), Tennessee (#20), Tulsa (#24).
God what a beautiful poll. Just a preliminary guess, but I may be in the running for Mr. Bold, although Brian always has some weird crap going on.

Several Explanations:

Auburn and Southern Cal flip-flop. Mostly because I hate Southern Cal.

Michigan moves up three. I'm not a fan of the school, but they have a damn good football team.

Boise St. gets the nod at #6, which is most likely to draw a collective WTF from my fellow BlogPollers (although this genius knows what I'm saying.) The Broncos just beat up on a good Utah team this week, and only have Nevada and Fresno St. (1-3) standing in the way of an unbeaten season. I'm a mid-major kind of guy, so it makes sense that I go with the Nation's premier Mid-Major team.

Notre Dame is ninth. What can I say, I'm Catholic.

Georgia Tech is a good team. I don't know why I left them out for so long.

Oklahoma is still better then Oregon.

Rutgers gets the 17th spot off of this very simple form of reasoning: Rutgers Beat Up on Illinois. Illinois defeated Michigan State. Michigan State should have easily beat Notre Dame. Hence Rutgers should have beaten Notre Dame. The Enlightenment at its finest people.

Why I had Nebraska so high last week, I'm not really sure. I figured I should bring them back down to earth.

Boston College moves up five spots after beating Maine. There is no good explanation for this, except that i dislike a certain university hailing from Berkley, California.

BYU was sick against TCU. Mad Props to the Mormons.

After shellacking UConn, Navy makes it back into the Top 25. If this team executes the way they did Saturday, Rutgers is in for a rude awakening.

Games I Watched:
Auburn at South Carolina
Rutgers at South Florida (taped of course, I do have a life)
Navy at UConn
Purdue at Notre Dame
Boise State and Utah (more or less)
USC at Washington State
Houston at Miami

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